Jazz Lesson Intro
Jazz Piano Lesson
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  Live Online Jazz Instruction  

  with Miles Donahue  


Miles Donahue gives you an introduction to learning how to play jazz with The Jazz Workbook.

Piano for Non-Piano Players

Miles Donahue shows you an example of how he teaches piano to non-piano players.

Piano Voicing Exercises

Miles Donahue discusses piano voicing exercises from The Jazz Workbook.

Using Drum Tracks for Practice

Miles Donahue discusses using drum tracks for practice from The Jazz Workbook.

Playing Piano
  My Method for Teaching Jazz Piano  

There are many definitions and many methods. In my opinion it is narrowing ones focus to have the least amount of variables in order to learn a very specific skill necessary to becoming a better jazz musician. To understand harmony, the jazz sound and tension release, it is necessary to play the piano. To be a composer of music it is necessary to play the piano. Literally all the great composers of music play the piano (Monk, Mingus, Bach, Mozart, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney and Gershwin to name a few). My method is designed for the horn player or classical player who does know how to read a lead sheet or for a singer who wants to accompany him or herself. The carefully selected songs that I use work towards this end. 

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