The Jazz Workbook  

Volume 1

The Jazz Workbook is a first book of its kind. Teaching single note instrumentalists (including guitarists) how to hear and play thru chord changes, this is the essential elements of jazz. The play along music has no chord instrument included, thus the student can hear the sound of the chord on his or her own. 

This is a method book. By playing through all of this book you will be able to hear chord changes on your instrument. This is achieved by playing single notes in specific melodic shapes that enable the mind to visualize and the ear to hear what combination of notes is available at every harmonic change. These melodic shapes will give the student the ability to visualize, hear and execute some of the more sophisticated sounds used in the craft of improvising. No one can teach creativity, so you must teach yourself to improvise through trial and error. This book will give you a knowledge of some of the musical tools used in improvising.

  • Comes with play-along music!

  • Available in paperback and digital formats!


Miles Donahue gives you an introduction to learning how to play jazz with The Jazz Workbook.

Chapter 2

Miles Donahue discusses an excerpt from "Guide tones exercises" in Chapter 2 from The Jazz Workbook.

Chapter 3

Miles Donahue discusses guide tones and "color" notes in Chapter 3 from The Jazz Workbook.

Using Drum Tracks for Practice

Miles Donahue discusses using drum tracks for practice from The Jazz Workbook.

Piano Voicing Exercises

Miles Donahue discusses piano voicing exercises from The Jazz Workbook.